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Aschen написал подсказку к трофею Hat Trick / Сплошные ошметки.
27.09.2012 в 13:50 — Starhawk
Без проблем получается в 5 миссии во время защиты вышек от джипов. Мины лежат в сундуке рядом с каждой вышкой.
Aschen написал подсказку к трофею Ring Out.
06.06.2012 в 21:05 — Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
В аркадном режиме победить досрочно, выбив врага за площадку. Проще всего делается на аренах без ограждения.
Aschen написал подсказку к трофею Don't Ask Your Parents.
Список необходимых фраз:

Devil's Toybox Cavern talk to cultists about rift generator: "I gotta turn on this machine to stop a gorilla." "Down the tunnel, first door to your right."
Penal Zone entrance: "He just wanted to rub our noses in the Penal Zone. So to speak."
Skunkape ship Bridge enter teleportation mode: "Well done, my friends. Now select a phone number that Max has memorized, to teleport himself and his furry longtime companion to that location. And also Sam."
Skunkape ship Bridge beginning of Act 4: "...The Penal Zone!" "Tee hee."
Skunkape ship Bridge re-enter in Act 4: "Did you see that, my Queen? Not only did I defeat Sam & Max, but I took care of the Penal Zone in one stroke!" "Unfortunate word choice."
Skunkape Ship Bridge use homing beacon on Skunkape: "Now we just use the remote control Momma Bosco gave us, and Skunkape gets sucked right in the Penal Zone!" "So to speak."
Meesta Pizza use cell phone on pizza boxes: "Not since we accidentally wandered into that theater on Times Square."
Talk to Max: "I don't need to go to another planet for a methane-rich environment, as long as I've got you, pal."
Pick up Jumper Cables in DeSoto: "It's simple, Sam: the RED cable goes on the RIGHT nipple, the BLACK cable clamps to the...."
Skunkape Ship Bridge talk to Superball: "Don't worry, Superball! We'll hit that gorilla where it hurts the most!" "Right in the Penal Zone!" "Yes, I get it sir."
Aschen написал подсказку к трофею Ask Your Parents.
Список фраз:

Акт 1:

(Can't miss) Skunkape ship: opening: "I can't wait to get my stinking paws on that damn dirty ape!" (Planet of the Apes)
(Can't miss) Skunkape ship: use bazooka Max: "Hey, Skunkape! Say hello to my little buddy!" (Scarface)

Акт 2:

Train station: use baby carriage: "Rosemary keeps wandering off and leaving this thing behind." (Rosemary's Baby)
Train station: use pile of junk: "Some secret passage. It's just a bunch of junk, like this old scanner." "Oh boy! Whose head do we explode first?" (Scanners)
Bosco-Tech Labs: use ectoplasm: "That must be ectoplasmic jelly, 'cause ectoplasmic jam don't shake like that!" (Glen Miller song)
Bosco-Tech Labs: use wardrobe: "Don't open it, Sam! It probably leads to a fantastic land of wonder and thinly-disguised religious allegory." "Good call, Max. We already wasted enough time poking around that tollbooth." (The Chronicles of Narnia and The Phantom Tollbooth)
(Can't miss) Skunkape ship: brain awakens: "Gordon's ALIVE?" (Flash Gordon)
Aschen написал подсказку к трофею Time Trial Lap King.
22.11.2010 в 20:38 — Ferrari The Race Experience
Самый простой способ:

Выбираем Ferrari 330 P4, уровень сложности Beginner, режим Arcade.
Aschen написал подсказку к трофею Pick’n on the Little Guy / Мальчик для битья.
05.09.2010 в 18:14 — God of War II HD
Есть весьма простой способ пройти эту битву. Выманиваем циклопа с сидящим на нем бистлордом на узкий мост перед ареной, необходимо встать с ними на одной линии по ширине моста и нажать , Кратос скинет бистлорда в пропасть за пределы арены. Повторять до тех пор пока не кончатся все бистлорды, остальных добить проблем не составит.