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    По умолчанию архивы

    Прошедшие игру, подскажите пожалуйста месторасположение ящиков с архивами в 8 главе, Нужны конкретно 38 архив. уже раз 5 прошел, но никак найти не могу. Он последний блин.

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    И где ты нашел архивы?: 36 37 архивы найти не могу

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    По умолчанию

    Mission 8
    Secret Base, Episode 2

    36). At the start you're in a large room and under attack - you have to turn a valve to open a door, progress into a hallway where you'll have to turn another valve to open another door, then finally into a room with several incubators on the top of the screen; the archive box is against the far left wall near the top of the screen by an incubator - it's very easy to miss.

    37). From #1 - beat the giant and progress to the next room (you'll be moving right); go as far right as you can to a locked door and the door control - up against the highest wall is an explosive canister, and blowing it up reveals a hidden area with the archive box.

    38). From #2, go into the next room: Maddogg will say, "At least we know they have rescue shuttles"; down and slightly to the left is a ladder - go down it, head right towards an anti-personnel mine, and go directly down from it to find this very easy to miss archive box.

    39). From #3, go back up the ladder and continue on until you find yourself at the top of a winding walkway and under attack by several spiders and fugitives; make your way down the walkway, and when you get to the bottom and go up, you'll be targeted by a couple of Sniper monkeys above you on the right - the archive box is right next to the snipers, and you'll have to be very careful not to break it with gunfire; Irina needs to use Telekinesys in order to get the box.

    40). Progress until you're told by Seersys that Barghest is confirmed to be by the Komoloss; an arena is triggered - beat it and move on to a room with a turret and an explosive canister which you'll need to destroy in order to go on; from here, continue up and to the right: there's an anti-personnel mine and, past it to the right, is a room with some crates and incubators against the right wall - the archive box is on a crate close to one of the incubators; use Irina to get it with Telekinesys.


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